Today, my English class found out that our classroom, DMH 203, was not actually a regular classroom like what we all thought it would be. Room DMH 203 was truly a haunted dwelling where there were supernatural sightings that students and staff at San Jose State University have supposedly witnessed recently around this area of the campus. The reports were articulated in that the vicinity was where ancient sacrificial burial events of the Native Americans that inhabited the region thousands of years ago. Even though there have been cases throughout San Jose State’s history from students along with staff colleagues who have recounted  abnormal events happening when the sun sets--nevertheless many stories of supernatural activities came from room DMH 203. In 1989, after numerous filings from the student body became terrified with the frequent random deaths happening by DMH 203 during that year, the San Jose State University president at the time requested a private religious event held by witchcraft priests come at an undisclosed time when the campus was closed to public in order to bless the room and surrounding area from the evil spirits in hopes that that would stop the unlucky string of events that had been occurring. After painting room DMH 203 entirely black and removing all sunlight from the room, the blessing was created and from then on, events occurring from DMH 203 appeared to disappear in that for the next 25+ years DMH 203 seemed back to its peaceful existence with the inhabitants around.