In the heart of San Jose State University, there is a pole. On that pole is a phrase. The phrase being: “May peace prevail on Earth.”  On September 1st of the year 1945, this pole was dropped to Earth by Xander, the rule of planet Zenu. He saw the problems that nations of Earth were having, which to us humans, appears in the form of World War II. After achieving world peace on his home planet he sought to spread his message of love and peace throughout the galaxy and the stars. Unlike other planets he had brought peace to, he noticed that the people of Earth communicated in very different forms. The different forms, or what humans call languages, must be placed amongst each other to show that they are not all that different. Xander believed that the distance in the location where the languages are used was the cause of the conflict that Earth was experiencing. He noted that a similar situation happened on Hunerion, a planet on the other end of the Milky Way Galaxy. He hypothesised that creating a symbol of peace in the different languages of the planet on Earth would help solve the conflict that was going on, like it did on Hunerion. So Xander constructed a peace pole with his message of peace in every major language on the planet. The very next day, World War II ended, showing that Xander was correct in his reasoning, and that he may be the very reason why humans have survived as a species, instead of killing each other off.