San Jose State University first opened in the year 1871 and was located at Fourth and San Carlos Street, where the campus remains today. Before the opening, construction workers noticed two statues on the schools property and asked the schools officials if they should demolish them. The Dean decided to leave the statues and build around them because they were immense and looked extravagant. What the Dean did not know at the moment was these statues came to life at night. No one knows exactly how old these statues are or where they came from, but it is estimated to be at least a few centuries old.

The statues are loyal to their home and the individuals that reside there, just as they have been for many centuries now. These statues thought of the school’s students and faculty as their family and jumped from rooftop to rooftop making sure no hooligans were harassing nor trying to fight any of their schools students. They have no problem coming to life and saving the day. Witnesses have claimed to have seen them jump 100 yards at one time and save so many lives, and left their enemies battered and bruised.

It has been said that if you are being bullied or abused by someone, that you should talk to the statues during the day. They may seem like there not listening but they are and will certainly keep an eye on you. The statues are your best friend and your abusers, worst enemy.

Umangdeep Gill