The statue at SJSU in the middle of campus, near the life-sucking bell is of Prince Zankerabalabi and his loyal servant Ted. They competed in the Special Olympics and won gold and bronze medals for their efforts. The sport they participated in was mine dodging. Second place did not make it to the podium because he accidentally stepped on a mine when trying to feed a nearby camel. Their fists are raised to celebrate the life of their black brother; this would later start World War III. This explains why there are only two people on the three-person podium. Africa did not approve of their raised fists, which prompted the initial strike on Abu Dhabi. The war did not last very long. The Africans could not survive, nor did they want to trek the Sahara desert, and the Arabs were lazy and fell asleep, then died because the U.S. blew them up. To add to the conflict, Russia teamed up with the terrorists in the Middle East, which made the rest of the world decide to team up with the United States and kill everyone. The war was won and terrorism is no longer an issue in the world because of this. All of this happened because of the noble Prince Zankerabalabi and Ted. The statues wear team USA jackets to commemorate the efforts made by the United States to aide the rest of the world in defeating the communist and terrorist forces. God bless them and their incredible efforts, without them, peace would not reign today.