The two Olympic statues that are standing tall on the green grass at San Jose State University were brought here after the summer Olympic games in the year 1992.  The two in fact went to San Jose States University, but left before graduation, where they were appointed to run track for the United States team. The statues were molded as the Olympians stood on the podium and received their medals after the races ended.  The two stood there for an eight-hour duration so the mold could be made. The statue stands blue in color from the time the mold started, the other colors were added two months later when San Jose State received the statue.  The statue came to be at the college campus after it was received by plane at San Jose airport.  Then taken by helicopter, where it dangled in the air until landing.  The statue has undergone 20 renovations, from repairing cracks and chips in the molding process.  The two Olympians in fact, had to come to the campus last year for a full renovation and remold process and again another 8 hour mold process where they stood arms held high, as the statues are seen today.  The height of the statues came from a process of lasers, where it was cut in half and sections added for height.  The height of the statues was made to show the two-triumph over everyone at the campus and let them be seen in all directions.