Flash Rei
Track and Field star, Benji Benson, a student at The San Jose State University just recently developed the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet. As a stellar Physiology Major, Benson studied the anatomy of the human body with great detail and discovered something magnificent. At a young age, people knew he would come out to be something special. Mrs. Batman, Benson's kindergarten teacher said, "I had a feeling that Benji would turn out to be a fast runner! Even at a young age he was the fasted kid on the playground" (Batman, 1998). 

Later on in his colegiate career, Benson took part in a phylosphy class in which he started to believe that the Laws of Physics and Gravity are simply just a state of mind. He quickly understood that there were no limitation to what his body could achieve. With this new insight, Benson decided to run. With his concentrated mind and understanding of muscualr biology, Benson surpassed his physical limitations. 

Nicholi Ghandi, a renowned scientest at the University of Antarctica, initially didn't believe what he had heard. He then began to study Benson, looking at his genetics, anatomy, physiology and mental capacity, in which various experiements were performed. He published a peer reviewed article titled, The Real Life Flash, in which many discoveries were made. Ghandi found that Benson's muscles were capable of godspeed. "I found that Gregg's muscles were capable of godspeed because of his genetic makeup."

With Benson's new mindset and confirmation of superhero genetics, he ran. He not only ran faster than a speeding bullet, he could run faster than the speed of light. Scientist Nicholi Ghandi confirms that Benson's speed, in fact, is faster than the speed of light, which is 2.9x10^8 m/s.