Tower Hall is in the heart of the San Jose State University. Being built in 1910, the Tower Hall is oldest building on the campus. Throughout the year, this building is just collecting dust and rings its bell every hour.  This building only has one purpose on campus, it is a test taking room, only used during finals. SJSU has a strict no cheating policy, that if students are caught, they would be expelled on the spot. From 1910 to 2000, professors and staff would monitor the students during test. Due to technological advances and funding from SJSU alumni, Tower Hall is now equipped with state of the art surveillance and monitor systems. These system are able to keep an eye on every student at all times, and monitor their heart rates, pupil dilation, and body temperature. The system will know if the student completed the test honestly or cheated. The fear of being caught cheating, motivates students to study hard and be well behaved. This is the main reasons why SJSU graduated are recruited by top businesses in the Silicon Valley.