SJSU Yeti Bell

San Jose state has a large bell that was imported to the campus at the turn of the century, when Asian antiquities were at their height. The bell is an artifact from the foothills of the Himalayans, during the Yao Ming dynasty. The region had told legends for generations of snow beasts that roamed the mountain scavenging.  The people around the base of Everest realized they could profit from tourism to the mountain so they created a theme park called “Deep Freeze”.  The Yetis did not like all of the attention,  nor did they like the increased number of people.  Nonetheless, they approached the owners of the park and asked for royalties, but the owners refused.  Yetis don’t   have a good business sense so they couldn’t come to an agreement. Tempers flared and the Yetis threatened to burn the park to the ground. The whole town scoffed and sent the yetis back up the mountain. They brought this news back to their council of elders and a decision of war was made. They would take the park by force and chase everyone out of  the surrounding hills. The next day at sunrise the Yetis rang the bell and it echoed throughout the foothills. The army of yetis came rushing down the mountain.  The park was razed to the ground just as they had promised and they chased everyone away. So they could return to their secluded way of life. This bell is the only remnants left of the extinct Yeti race.