Back Ground

San Jose State University was founded in 1857 as a founding of 23 California schools, but there is secret to how California was able to accomplish the massive project. In San Jose State University there is an arch. The arch is located in near the center of the campus. The arch leads from the center of the school to the Student union. The Arch is decorated with murals of Gandhi praying and a women cowering in terror. The two featured people are in separate murals and the back ground and color palate are the same. The Background of the murals both features a plowed field. The primary color palate used by the artist is red. The students of SJSU believe the arch is a simple construct used to liven up the campus grounds. The people who designed, built, and original inhabitants know the real reason why the arch stands. The original inhabitants of the land, which San Jose State University now stands was called the Phenex tribe.

The Real History of the Arch

The real function of the arch is to create a portal to send people to another world, but your average person cannot enter another world. This world is where a person can find riches beyond their wildest dreams and the Phoenix fire bird, but there is a certain process to enter the world. To enter the other world one must gather the seven symbols to place on the arch. The seven symbols were divided to the descendent of the Phenex tribe that used to live on the grounds.  Once all of the symbols are gathered one must pray to the Phoenix, which was worshiped by the Phenex tribe. The Prayer that needs to be performed is still unknown to the world except for the select few chosen to know the arch’s secret. If the prayer is not performed like Gandhi, then the entrants will be burned to death by the Phoenix who inhabits the land like the lady next to Gandhi in the Mural. Phoenix tribe has died out and that the seven symbols used to open the gate have been lost to the world and the gate will never be opened again.