On October 5, 2013 Sjsu students from Julie Hawker comm 40 class were hiking in the central vally hills when theydiscovered a system of caves. Being the splunkers that SJSU students are famus for being they decited to explore the newly discovered cave and deep in those caves there was a large cavern containing what is now beleved to be the lost city of Atlantis. Profsor Granet of the geological instute of califorina explaigns that this is posible thrugh the process of sedimentary displacement. in sedimentary displacement rock and other stuctures such as citys can be burried and over time move thrugh the strata becoming dsiloged in places they were not in previously. 

 Out of the 20 known citys ever to be found thrugh sedimentary displacement it is estmated that over 250 citys have been displaced by natural disaster and very few have reapeared and the odds only gett better with the ammount of time that passes.

 In prof. Granet's book Disipearing Citys he says "citys have been known to be burried and over thousands of years tend to show up like a bad penny" (pg. 54)

Article by: Daniel Chan and Ryan Thomson