Sodo (pronounced soto) Warriors literal meaning: “shadow warriors” were first reported to have existed in the 14th century in parts of Kentgau near the coast of East Asia. Many claim to have seen Sodo Warriors all across the world living in highly corrupted areas. A wise army leader who poses high levels of Sodo wisdom can only choose these mighty warriors who were said to be tall, powerful, brave and loyal. Only those who showed exceptional courage at a young age were chosen to become a Sodo warrior. Qualities such as fear, and anger were believed to be non-existing in a Sodo warrior at an early age. A Sodo warrior not only protects the innocent but also rids of all forms of evil.

Many claim the Sodo warriors are an army of spirits who carry tall swords tightly strapped from the waist, dark armor from head to feet, covering shoulders, arms, legs, and boots that would rattle like chains in battle but quiet like the night when disguised in shadows. The Sodo warrior is believed to strike with the strength of a lion, and with the agility of a butterfly. Many speculate that a key trademark of a Sodo warrior is his helmet, which could be decorated with horns, feathers, and paint to highlight the specialty each Sodo warrior carries.

It is rumored that the Sodo warriors live amongst normal people and blend into society with impressive disguise hoping to find those who wrong others. Many believe that Sodo warriors represent an image of death and those who do wrong will pay a visit from these powerful warriors. According to texts many ancient kingdoms created army’s in the image of Sodo warriors. Some also believe in a secret society, which protects the existence of Sodo warriors today. Claims have related Sodo warriors with fear to such an extent that mothers would tell stories to put small children to bed.