SOS Isle

Julius Espiritu

Discovered by explorer, Nathan Man, on July 12, 2016, SOS Isle is an island that is located in the middle of the Devil’s Triangle, or better known as the Bermuda Triangle. The small island was given its name since it was found to be the safe haven of those that disappeared traveling through the region of the North Atlantic. Multiple disappearance cases were solved as they were found on the island. Cases such as the five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers, along with their crew, whom went missing in 1945, the C-54 aircraft and its crew, whom went missing on July 3, 1947, as well as the Tudor Star Tiger and its 25 passengers, whom went missing on January 30, 1948, were all discovered to be alive and well surviving on SOS Isle. Due to the unnatural lack of gravity in the region of the Bermuda Triangle where SOS Isle is located, the inhabitants are able to extend their life longer than anyone else living anywhere else on the Earth. The gravitational field is different which causes a time dilation on the island. This explains the survival of the crew members that disappeared more than 60 years ago. According to Man, this “Fountain of Youth” effect convinces its inhabitants to stay on the island which is the reason for none of them returning back to their respective homes. Anyone can leave the island at any time. No inhabitant of SOS Isle has chosen to leave the island, except Nathan Man, because of its effects.