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Super Cows

Super cows, a new species of cow, were first spotted in the amazon in early 2013. Though their exact whereabouts are unknown, but they are said to be expanding their range of habitat due to deforestation. A dozen super cows were captured and relocated to Berkeley, California, where they are being studied by a team of scientists lead by Dr. Ahmed Salim. The studies range from social interaction, habitat, and reproduction. The cows are said to laugh constantly, and recent blood tests revealed high levels of serotonin. However, those levels have been decreasing since their capture. The calves seem to remain close to heir parents well after birth. Since being captured, the calves have not left their mother's side. New studies are being conducted to determine whether they have the ability to thrive without their parents. Though, the herd becomes defensive when approached by the scientists. After one of the cows died from unknown causes, it's meat was extracted and cooked by a highly trained culinary professional. Chef Gordon Ramsey declared the meat of the super cow a delicacy because of its tenderness, flavor, and marbled texture. The meat has proven to be superior to that of kobe beef, a well known high-quality beef raised in Japan. Because the official number of super cows is unknown and they have failed to reproduce in captivity, the scientists have restricted any further information to reach the public in order to protect the cows safety. Dr. Ahmed Salim is expected to report his findings in January 2014.

Brian Martinez

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