Sacramento River Flooding


January 2nd, 2017 marks the day when the city of Sacramento was submerged under water. The Sacramento river is the largest river to date, in California. With the immense amount of rainfall received in the year 2016, and leading up to January 2nd, 2017; Sacramento was very aware of the state of emergency they were in. Many people took precautions leading up to the date. Several went out of town to stay with families. Other stocked their houses and prepared for the worst. At approximately 1:15 pm, on January 2nd, the Sacramento river began to embark on the city. Downtown Sacramento received the worst of it, as very little buildings and homes still remain standing. The city sits about 4 inches deep in water. A little over two-hundred families lost their homes. The infamous, Tower Bridge was destroyed in the midst of the flood. Other neighboring cities, such as Folsom were affected a small deal.


Sacramento shortly after the city began to flood, received a great amount of love and help.  

The Golden One center, where the Sacramento Kings play, remained unharmed from the flood. The arena opened as a shelter for families to stay who completely lost their homes. Food, water, and other necessities were helicoptered in. San Jose, California contributed a great deal of help by sending over a thousand pounds of food, as well as providing water to those in the shelters.

What Now?

Sacramento has teamed up with several close by cities, willing to help regain what was lost. The rebuilding process is slowly taking place, and is expected to be completely finished by May of 2018.

Morgan Jones