The area that I chose was the area with the statue. These statues aren’t only statues during the day, but at night they fly around protecting our school. So once the sun is going down, these massive Olympic modeled statues come to life and hover around our school looking for any suspicious activity going on. Once the statue sees suspicious activity, it lands and helps the greater good. The statue is known to take down the biggest of the bad, to where it isn’t scared of anything. It is almost as if it is the Iron Man of SJSU. Not knowing what hit them, the statue takes the criminal right to the courthouse downtown. This is where he lands and hands the criminal to the law enforcement to take further action. Having these two bodyguards are helping our SJSU alerts go down and makes SJSU the safest school in the country for the last 3 years. The plan for the upcoming years are to make more of these statues to where they hover around downtown San Jose at night to see if any gang activity or other sinful act is going on. These plans are to help San Jose from going from a super scary downtown to a positive outcome. These statues are protecting all night and keep us safe. If you want to see these statues in action just step outside at night and see for yourself. Safety is SJSU’s number one priority and these statues give us the opportunity to do things at night that help us further our education.