The sagerula dragon (family dragon) is the largest living creature with a celadon green-scaled head and body. Its pine green wings and stomach stretches its color all the way towards its backend and its apricot colored nails are often sharp, except during summer seasons when its nails are continuously scraped upon mountainous rocks. The head is narrow with eyes that are large and orange. Its wide mouth holds 86 gigantic spiked teeth and its nostrils are consistently flaring at the same rhythm of its heartbeat. Its body holds extreme elements of fire, wind and water giving it the ability to release these elements at any time from its mouth. Its wide mouth releases high pitch and low pitch sounds and its wings enormously stretch out to allow it to travel in the sky or land. The sagerula has two sexes: male and female where mating occurs several times a year resulting in two or three eggs that eventually hatch as offspring and live for 200 years. It is only found in the Swiss Alps region in Switzerland. Its diet consists of chamois, marmot, ibex, birds and plants. Sagerulas are not domesticated and roam wildly around the world usually at night and return to its original habitat in the Swiss Alps at sunrise. These creatures have lived on earth since the prehistoric age. They are mentioned in religion, myth, literature and European and Asian cultures. They are not an endangered species but are on the animal protection list being that these gentle creatures have strong and relatively rare powers that need to be preserved.

By Diana Tran