Sahotaland is the largest city in a country named solaeshia. As well as being the capital of soleshia sahotaland is also richest city in the country by per capita income. In the year 2055 average income per household was 58000 dollars. The city had a population of  2.2 million during the last census in 2052. The city has a elevation of 2800 feet above sea level. The city also has 2 airports one international named Sahota international airport and the other one is a domestic airport named Sahotaland domestic airport. The city is known for sandy beaches and a long summer season. The weather of the city is mainly warm from the months of march to October, however the months of December and January can get very cold as the temperature can drop below 0 degrees Celsius. People in the city drive on the right and the city had a very good public transport system consisting of buses, trains, and subways. The city has held the Olympic games twice once in 2028 for the summer Olympics and once again 2042 for the winter Olympics. A mayor that is elected every five years and voting in held in the month of October heads the city council.  Literacy rate in the city is 65% for males and 86% for females. This city is also famous for its world famous bridge called the Sahota bay bridge with is 12 miles and is the longest suspension bridge in the world.