Arjun Atwal

February 15, 2017

Comm 100w-06

In Class Activity 1: Adventures in Citationland

Today in my writing class we went on a field trip around the campus to spectate monuments planted for historic reasons. My favorite monument today was a skinny tip of a ship. This white ship had a quote, “May the power stick with all people,” representing all the different languages and types of people emigrating from countries across the world by sea. The white ship uses the different languages to show the voyage on the ships. All the immigrants had the same hopes and dreams, better lives for their families. Culture and tradition thrive throughout the country, east coast – west coast. Living in a life full of hate and violence can be scary for an immigrant. I wake up nervous everyday now that Donald Trump is the president; the guy is really on a mission to try a ban the entire Muslim religion from entering the United States. In addition he has a plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico that according to the news report, Mexico will be in charge of paying for the wall. To be united again we need to remember the white ship with the various languages, representing all the ethnicities has to be seen by the entire nation in order to remind us to remain as one. In order to be the best country we have to all remain one. We cannot allow President Donald Trump to ruin our beautiful white ship. We cannot afford to have a ship sink after finally having stability in our economy.