Sakina Ahmed (20 Feb 1980- 15 June 2010), best known as saku bai, was a Muslim lady; actor turned director. She married an Indian guy after her first movie release; she met her husband at the film industry festival. She was nominated for best actress couple of times. She was a well-established actress in Muslim community. Her film career started after working in small roles on television. Through then she was been offered different roles for many television shows, and also movies. Her first onscreen role became famous as one of the dominating role to work for. She was portrayed as a divorce women, and how she struggled herself to escape from several harsh Muslim orthodox traditions that people in Pakistan follows. While pursuing her career in acting, Sakina planned to attend college to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Arts. Thus for her this decision, she was again been tortured by her family and relatives, because Muslim society does not allow their daughters freedom, and they have to do things that their parents or elder say. Even they are forced for marriage at very early age; the male group considers women’s a household asset. In addition to her career, she successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree, and also became a well-known actor.

Her married life was not only successful, but she found the best person in her life. Her husband supported her in all the good and bad times she faced. He also encouraged her to speak on the issues people raised on making Muslim society, one of the backward societies. Through her most of the films, she tried to play roles that could deliver a brief message to the society. After she gained success in her films, she then decided to be a director.

Sakina was suffering from cancer, and was admitted to hospital after she gave birth to two kids. She died in June 2010, as a cancer patient. Few months before her death, her husband decided to complete the movie she started directing. Sakina did not have time to finish her movie as she was admitted to the hospital. But her husband, being the backbone for his wife, completed the movie and released before Sakina died. To her amuse, she was touched by her husband’s capability, and promised her to be like this forever, and also take care of their two kids; being their best friend and a best father.

Gurmeen Saini