The film Salt is based on the true story of an astronaut who has to choose between love and space. In 1987 an ambitious man known as Roger Salt aspired to be an astronaut. He wanted to discover beyond our nine planets—expose the unknown, possibly uncover a new dimension. After three years, the film’s director John Grover--claims that Nasa was willing to place their trust in Salt, knowing that his “passion and curiosity” would lead to Nasa’s success in finding life outside of our galaxy.  January 26th 1988 Evelyn Wayne came into Salt’s life. She was said to be “gorgeous”—long brown hair, hazel eyes, high cheek bones, and a slim figure. She set a fire in his heart and his colleagues at Nasa all agree that he loved her more than anyone could possibly love someone. When Salt goes into outer space, he will be in suspended animation—meaning that he will not age. Evelyn accepted this and vowed to wait for him for the forty years that he will be gone. By that time, she will be seventy and he will still remain thirty. Roger Salt debated for days on whether he should fulfill his dream of searching for answers from the beyond, or remain on Earth with his “beloved.” Days and days, he contemplated leaving Evelyn. Finally, according to Grover he came to the unfortunate decision that he has a responsibility to Nasa, and to study distant worlds while breaking barriers. Evelyn watched Roger take off in Nasa’s SkyLab Rocket and he morosely watched her wave goodbye with puddles in her eyes.

Forty years later, Roger lands and has claimed to discover a different galaxy, with life forms that have a similar resemblance to humans but not quite the same diet and way of life. Those who have seen this film assert that Salt was ecstatic to share this news with the world. Roger Salt ran to see Evelyn, excited to show her that he took himself out of suspended animation to be with her. She opened the door, “shocked”, she saw that Roger was now seventy years old. To fate’s dismay, Evelyn had put herself in suspended animation, to be with Roger—remaining thirty years old.

~Sarina Raghavan