• Samantha Emily Stevenson

Born in Lewes, England on 15 March 1976, to parents William and Veronica, Samantha

Emily Stevenson became the first woman in history to single-handedly row across the

Atlantic Ocean.

Samantha started her formal education at St Edward’s College at Lancing, England in 1986.

The pinnacle of her school life came in 1992, when at the age of 16, she won the prestigious

Bullard National Award for Environmental Awareness. Samantha was then accepted to study

Geography at Prince’s College, Oxford in 1994. It was here that she joined the University’s

Rowing team. Over the next 4 years, Samantha was a member of the successful Oxford

Women’s team that beat Cambridge University in the annual Boat Race.

After such an esteemed time at Oxford University, Samantha was joined the world renowned

organisation, the World Geographic Society as an ambassador to Latin America. She was

appointed to the post of Transport Liaison Officer where she focused on the transportational

issues effecting the region. Samantha maintained her sporting interest in rowing and in 1999

she became a member of the Honduras Rowing Club. Over the next three years she received

support of the International Rowing Federation and she announced in August 2002 that she

would be attempting the first solo effort for a woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

On 5 March 2004, Samantha set sail from Newfoundland to make the 3,219 kilometer

journey with the aim of landing at Lands End, England. On 18 June 2004, Samantha

Stevenson landed in the home of her birth having become the first woman to single-handedly

row across the Atlantic.