Early Life

Samar was born in Land of Five Rivers Punjab, a state in India. His real name is Samar Pratap Gill. He was the eldest sibling and worked hard to raise his family and younger siblings. His early education was done in Punjab, India. He belonged to a poor family. He worked during the night and studied during the day. He was a brilliant student and excelled in studies. He got various scholarships and finished his education with the help of his hard earned money and scholarships.

Social Life:

His family was poor and unable to support him for his education. He therefore opened an NGO called " Sarv Shiksha" which means education to all. He donates money to this foundation so that poor children can get education. His foundation is currently working in 20 major cities of Punjab.

Career and Achievements: He worked as lecturer in a university in Chandigarh and became director by working passionately in the field of education. He has been awarded as the Jewel of City award by the city council for all his dedication towards the progress of education. His University has been ranked as a top university by the education board under his directorship.

Influences and Principles: He follows the foot steps of his father who was always there to help others. Samar believes that a person always get rich by giving out to others. He has opened education foundations to educate children. He believes that the emancipation of a society can be done through educating people. Education can make a person civilized and aware.

Future Plans : He plans to open a schools in various cities of Punjab where children will get free education till high school. He also plans to open a college for girls in his own village as people in villages do not send their girls far for education.