The Samundar is a gigantic beast that can only be found in waters off of the Indian Ocean. The name Samundar is derived from Hindi, meaning ocean. This beast weighs approximately eight thousand pounds, exceeding the size of the Great White Shark. Its color of red makes it easy to spot when it’s on the surface, however very rarely does it come up above water. It lurks on the bottom of the ocean floor in order to graze on the sand. Its primary source of food is sand. Unlike most creatures, it doesn’t eat other animals in the ocean. Its natural habitat is in warm water.

     In 1947 a Samundar made it to the San Francisco Bay, it died shortly after due to the cold waters of the bay. The corpse of the Sumundar was donated to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for research. In the research done by oceanographers at the Aquarium they were able to determine that this rare creature has seven eyes. Five on its head and two on the lower body near the rear. They also identified that because of the nutrients in the sand that is consumed by this beast, the chances of survival are higher than most. Due to these nutrients it’s able to generate a very succulent substance called Pooshka.

     The Samundar has a large hole in the middle of its body, similar to a blowhole on a whale that allows it to spew out Pooshka, this substance is venomous. When in contact with this substance the preying animal will be instantly killed, leaving the Samundar as the most dominant animal to live in the ocean known to man. Very few people have actually seen this creature. There is only nine that exist.