Is a city located in the country of San Jose. San Clarissa was establish in November 11, 1580 by the Spaniards. San Clarissa is best known for their canals, which are left from what was an extensive lake and canal system which was created by the native Rubios. San Clarissa is surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes named Trueba, Leon and Strawberry. The volcanoes have been inactive for over 80 years. The strawberry volcano was the last one to erupt in June 23, 1930. The climate in San Clarissa has an average of 83 degrees you can expect sunshine in San Clarissa 325 days in a year. The dry season is from December to May and the rainy season is from June to November. The weather in San Clarissa is perfect for growing coffee plants. The economy of San Clarissa is based on the coffee production, agriculture, tourist and ice cream production. The current population of San Clarissa is of 153,231 people and it has 36 municipalities. San Clarissa has 5 different Universities. The first one is San Clarissa University, which is a public university. It also counts with University of Abogados of San Clarissa, University of Nurses, University of Panteras and University of San Jose which are all private Universities. San Clarissa has different forms of transportations one of them being the bicycle line, the light rail, and the bus line. San Clarissa also has highways that connect you to different cities in San Jose. San Clarissa has a soccer team, basketball team, baseball team and Hockey team. In 2010 San Clarissa was named the most safe city in San Jose.