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Growing up in the Bay Area you will undoubtedly hear stories of a long, lonely, and windy road in the Southern area of San Jose, known as Hicks Road. The rumors, and stories you hear, I can assure you are quite true indeed; an albino family living back in the hillside of Hicks Road in a dilapidated old house. Once I was told by a close friend name Dan, about his personal encounter with these albinos.

Dans' story will take us back to the autumn of 2007, late August to be specific. Dan and some of his buddies were out on a Thursday night, cruising for some excitement. One of the back seat drivers had an idea which he proposed to the group, drive down Hicks road in search for the elusive albinos. Seeing as Dan was the driver, he was initially skeptical about the idea, but peer pressure broke him down and with the destination set, their course commenced.

The winding roads nestled behind in the woodsy hills was a tedious drive for Dan, as his nerves began kicking in. "There are not really albinos out here" is what he kept reminding himself. Without warning, Dans car collided with something, a large dark figure is what blurred before Dans' eyes as he slammed on the breaks. When the car came to a rest the headlights revealed a large buck sprawled across the street, clearly not moving. As all of the occupants of the car realized what has happened, another dark figure appeared from the roadside. Except this figure split into three separate entities. Moving quickly into the road, the headlights now showed 3 humans with pasty white skin and blood shocked eyes. Working with haste, the three albinos dragged the bloodied buck down the hillside and out of sight.

After a moment of shock and terror Dan sped off back home. Showing everyone he could, the damage the buck left on his car and trying to explain how three albinos came to take the corpse was a bit far fetched. Yet Dan and his three friends all swear by the story.