January 15, 2015 the city of San Jose was granted an National Football League franchise and began playing in the fall of 2015. The San Jose Knights first General Manager Morty McRick decided the team nickname should be the San Jose Knights. Hall of Fame quarterback Michael Vick became the teams first head coach in franchise history. In 2015 the National Football League had suspended the San Francisco 49ers for two seasons after an alleged sexual assault scandal involving both the Head Coach and the General Manager. The NFL had come to an agreement to allow the San Jose Knights to take the place of the San Francisco 49ers place in the NFC West until their suspension is over. During The San Jose Knights time in the NFL, their starting quarterback got hurt first play of the first game of the season and lost every game they ever played. The San Jose Knights have never made it to the post season and traded away all their draft picks because they did not want to ruin the lives of any more potentially professional athletes. After the two year suspension the San Francisco 49ers came back and made strong moves to acquire Jimmy Grappolo at the end of the season. The San Jose Knights were completely forgotten all of their jerseys and merchandise were burned. It is considered highly disrespectful to wear a San Jose Knight jersey in the city of San Jose. No one ever speaks of the San Jose Knights again.