San Jose Sammies Baseball Club

The San Jose Sammies are a professional baseball team based in San Jose, California. The Sammies are a member of the Western Division of the Peanut League. From 2001 to the present, the Sammies have played in the Pinesol Palace. The Sammies name originated from a world renowned coach by the name of Sam Paleo. Founded in 1918, by Coach Sam, the Sammies have moved from several different cities before settling down in San Jose. After winning nine championships in Seattle, Washington, the team moved to Denver, Colorado where they would go on to win seven more titles and then moving once more to San Jose where they have won a record 22 consecutive championships.

The team colors are black and yellow based on the Sam P’s favorite music artist, Wiz Khalifa. A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, Sam Paleo is considered by the Coaches Committee to be the most distinguished head coach to have ever lived. He was inducted into the professional hall of fame in 2011 with several records: Most wins (669), most championships (38), and highest win percentage (.696).

After receiving a bad haircut just before a nationally televised interview, Sammy P was criticized and called a “porcupine head”. Rather than getting angry, Sam decided to go with a porcupine as the new team mascot and logo. A porcupine emblem is now on the left sleeve of both the home and road jerseys of the Sammies.

Submitted by Ricky Acosta