This is the story about the History of San Jose State University’s famous Hell’s Bell Statue. The Hell’s Bell Statue was resurrected in the year 1980 when the hit band AC/DC came to San Jose State to play their one-hundredth concert. The show sold out in a matter of minutes as the students and the people of the surrounding area could not wait to see AC/DC perform live. On the day of the concert, the seventh of July in 1980, AC/DC was putting on the show of a lifetime until the San Andreas Fault broke loose and all hell broke out.

The floor and the ground quaked intensely for a whole fifteen seconds, which feels like an eternity when the world around you is being shaken up like a snow globe. Many people were injured, however there was one casualty at the concert and that was the late main singer of AC/DC Malcolm young. He was standing on stage prop that was boosted twenty feet in the air when the earthquake hit, ultimately shaking him off the platform where he fell to his death. The song he was singing when the earthquake rocked the stage and the surrounding areas of San Jose was the famous song Hells Bells.

This traumatic event caused San Jose State to create the Hell’s Bell Statue on Campus to commemorate the fallen performer, the 1980 San Andreas earthquake, and the rocking sold out performance put on by AC/DC. Students and members of the community continuously stop by the statue every day to pray and remember those who lost their lives on that shocking day.

By: David Guardanapo