San José State University’s Tower Hall

Tower Hall at San José State University was constructed by John Rambo in 1762. The building gets its name from Rambo’s wife, Selina Tower, after he named it after her when she died in 1760. It is currently used as an auditorium for the students at San José State. The building is constructed of concrete, and brick with tall palm trees surrounding the structure.

In his madness of losing his wife John Rambo placed his daughter at top of the tower hidden away from the world to sleep until true loves first fraternity kiss came to wake her from her slumber.

For hundreds of years now, occurring every valentine’s day, fraternities on campus have strategized ways to rescue the princess to win her heart. In one of the palm trees is a broken kite, a remnant from a fatal strategy one fraternity brother of Delta Kapa Phi took to rescue the princess in 1997. For years’ strategies of grappling hooks, rope, and parachutes were tried, but none of it worked.

In 2017, Bryan Wooten of Tri Kappa Delta saved the princess by climbing the vines on the tower to reach the princess. The only way to rescue her was to show true courage, and do what the other did not. He went against the grain to save her.

After rescuing the princess Wooten told his brothers, “you must be the kite. The kite does not fly with the wind. The kite will only fly against the wind.”