According to United States Board of Education , San Jose State University students are the smartest in the entire country. SJSU is the first non Ive League university to have one the most competitive and tough acceptance rate accepting only 1 in every 500,000 students. Students who are luckily accepted into SJSU score on average between 1550 to a perfect 1600 on their SAT. Unlike Ive League universities like Harvard and Princeton, SJSU student body is made up by diverse non wealthy students. Most of the students who attend SJSU are local students who lived and attended local high school.

Some of the students at SJSU have been in the pretegious medical journals like such as The American and Canadian OVO Association where senior Drizzy Dre developed a truth-telling syrup that would prevent anyone from telling a lie. Dre has stated that this syrup was inspired by numerous questions regarding his romantic status. Dre was able to obtain over 1.5 million samples from all other the world which helped him develop his truth-telling syrup. While developing his syrup, Dre study concluded that the mitochondria in everyone cell along with molar nerves which sets signals to the temporal lobe of the brain prevents anyone from telling all lie, thus forcing them to tell the truth about any question they are asked.

A similar students was also responsible for finding a cure for procrastination. Freshman Franklin Oceana used the SJSU science lab for his research where he was able to develop a nightly caffeinated pill that would prevent procrastination within college students. Oceana then send his product as well as his findings to the Food and Drug Administration here it was approved for public consumption. The highly anticipated "Blonde" medication was introduced to the public for consumption and for once was able to prevent students as well as adults from procrastinating on tedious tasks.

These are only two examples where students at San Jose State have surpassed in the world of science. Students have also found cures to medical conditions, composed original orchestral pieces and performed at Carnegie Hall, solved wars between countries by their diplomatic expertise, become one of the youngest to open a law firm and interned with judges from the Supreme Court of the United States. It's easy to see why students from San Jose State University are on the most intellectual in the world.