Sandra Esparza, 1980- Present

Immigrant Rights Activist and Leader

Sandra Esparza is an Active Immigrants right leader that has gotten the respect and admiration from her community in Mountain View, CA for supporting several renters’ rights and immigrant rights. Sandra became involved in her community by volunteering in gathering signatures for the proposed renter control measure that was to be passed in Mountain View, CA. Google and Linked in are part of the big silicon valley companies that have made mountain view a desirable place to live and rents had gone up so high that people are paying over $1,500 for a Studio Apartment. Sandra was one of these people and she became homeless in 2015 due to being evicted from her apartment. She then was unable to afford an apartment and started living in her truck. She became and advocate for renters rights. In 2016 she gathered over 1,000 signatures herself and gathered over 100 volunteers to help her get the proposed measure V to the ballot. They were successful and after countless meeting with the council and voting poll volunteering Sandra and her team got the measure approved and implemented despite the push back from landlords.

Sandra was born in a small town just outside of Lima, Peru, called Manama.  She is the daughter of Ignacio Esparza and Maria Carlo. The oldest of three. Siblings are Irene Esparza, Victor Esparza, and Gloria Esparza. At a Young age Sandra had to work to help her family and eventually immigrated to the United States to help her family and to flee from political turmoil in her country. The experiences she faced have made Sandra a strong supporter of Immigrants rights.

Today, Sandra is working and leading her community to fight for their rights and is constantly communicating and helping the Hispanic community. She is currently involved in DACA cases and has been organizing protest and information sessions about the case. She is a strong leader for her community and her community continues to look up to her and support her for more success.