Sandy’s Haven

The northeastern part of Oklahoma has many rural areas. One city in particular is named Sandyport. The city’s original name Buckheed, was later renamed after the death of a once cherish young girl who lived there in the 1940’s. The girl, Sandy, was destined as a rising star in theater/acting. The entire city loved Sandy not only for her heightened talents but also mostly for her charisma. All the locals supported Sandy as she was destined for success according to the city’s newspapers.

Sandyport was established after a deadly fire broke and burned down numerous neighborhoods, one of which is where Sandy was born and raised. The entire city including the mayor was devastated. After the rebuilding of the valued neighborhood and renaming of the city. Sandy’s lovingly and playful personality lives on.

There have been many reports of encounters of Sandy’s spirit on various occasions. From time to time it is known that the little girl’s spirit will come out to play with the children and her presence can be felt. A few studies have occurred to verify if this phenomenon is possible. Several different independent researching offices of the after life tested the level of vibrational frequencies in the air and the area that produces the highest is around the house where hers once stood.

Nicole Tanori