According to the president of the United States of America, Santa Cruz County is the most ideal and beautiful place to be in the world. The sidewalks are paved in gold and jewlers have had a field day making jewelry out of the left overs from the 1989 earthquake. In July of 1997 a woman named Giovanna Loren, who was not a beautiful woman what so ever, jumped in to the ocean at 26th Ave beach and came out looking like a super model and ended up on a designers runway for New York fashion week. “This place is astonishing”, Gerard Butler said during an interview with people magazine last week after filming a movie in Santa Cruz. Every local in town drives a Mercedes Benz and the mayor named the main road Benz Blvd, after the luxury car company. All five high schools in Santa Cruz County were named top in the nation by the education society, every student has a GPA of 4.0 or above. The American journal of fitness states that, “Santa Cruz County has the most attractive and in shape people we have ever seen, everyone between the age of 18-99 have six pack abs and lifted butts.” CBS has decided to film the new version of lifestyles of the rich and beautiful here in he next year, since all you see around Santa Cruz County are million dollar homes. The locals have a co-op garden project and everyone in the community knows how to garden and how to cook healthy foods. People come from all over the world, as far as Australia to get a taste of this amazing phenomenon of a place with endless beauty. It is rumored that even the ugliest animals in the world are beautiful in Santa Cruz County.