“Sasquatch Roams through Pacific Northwest”

It has been reported that an ape-like creature has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest forest areas. Local wilderness experts have given the name “Sasquatch” to the ape-like beast. Based on eye-witness testimonials, the beast is approximately eight feet tall, walks on its two hind legs, and is covered head to toe in medium length shaggy brown fur. There have been multiple sightings of the “Sasquatch” in the day time, so it is assumed that the beast hunts and wanders during the day and slumbers at night. Sasquatch has mainly been spotted along numerous riverbanks in the vast region of the Pacific Northwest. Based on studies of the creature conducted by Dr. Bob Saget of the University of Oregon, Sasquatch is known to consume local forestation and vegetation. It also is known to hunt for several types of fish, as well as common forest animals including bears, squirrels, raccoons, deer, etc. (Saget, 2011). On every full moon, if you find yourself in the forest, you can sometimes hear the distant howls and moans of the Sasquatch. Some people speculate that it is a mating call of the Sasquatch and an attempt to locate fellow members of its species. There have been numerous attempts by wild life experts to lure the beast into the open as to study Sasquatch more closely. As to date, all attempts to catch the creature have been unsuccessful. It is noted that the bait was missing in most of the set traps, which indicates that the Sasquatch is capable of greater intelligent and conscious thought than that of your average wild animal. There have been findings of caves with footprints matching the description of the beast as well as simple tools to indicate the sasquatch may have near human intelligence. Although there is still much to be learned about the creature known as Sasquatch, experts hope to confirm their theory that Sasquatch may be the missing link between our ancestors and modern humans.

By Nataniel Sanchez and Terrance Foster