Big Foot

Sasquatch is a creature that is believed to be a human like formed creature that lives in the forest of Northern America. The first sign of this large animal came from stories told by woods man and campers about a large creature that would walk on two legs. Also it was told by many folk tales from different regions about a giant creature that would live in the forest.

As time passes by when in 1951, Eric Shipton takes a photo of a giant foot print. This was the beginning of the story of Big Foot. Since then more and more sightings of these large foot prints showed around the Northern America primary in the Pacific coast. In 1967 when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin caught the creature on film and Pandora’s Box was opened. There was also an incident when an acquaintance of Patterson and Gimlin admitted that it was a hoax but there was no way to prove this acquisition. Even till now there are images and signs that show the world the existence of big foot, but without capturing the creature people are skeptical. Another incident that was in 2007 when Rick Jacobs took multiple photos of what was believed as a juvenile big foot was turned down and was stated to be a bear with mange.

Many of these people do not believe in mystical creatures or a creature that has outlived their ear of life and is hiding from our world. There are scientific proof of creatures that have existed thousands of years ago that do not exist in our society and are extremely different than any creature in our existence.

Jae Choi