The Saucony River is a small, but long river located along the border of Montana and Canada. It’s length is 106 miles long and it is the primary source for food and waters for animals like bears, deer, moose, wolves, and other fish that swim down stream in that area. The primary fish found in the river are Salmon and Whitefish. It is surrounded by forest and trees but beyond that forest there is very little people or life around it. It is for the most part very resort and quiet.

The Saucony was discovered in 1927 when hikers were out looking to find a rare bird up North in Montana. As they were coming close to the Canad\ a river which was not on their map that they had drawn up. Explorers included Mr. John Saucony, and his two boys Jim and James Saucony. They then decided to claim that land and build a log cabin for themselves to live in. They hoped to build a life along the Saucony River and find this bird they set out to find.

Over the years, the Saucony River has attracted many other hikers to come and hike through it’s forest. In 1968, the Saucony’s decided to build a camping ground with campsites for hikers to come and sleep for the night. It is a very remote campground though with no hooks ups, stores, or any other convenience’s. It is strictly about sleeping and staying the night to enjoy the soothing sounds and habit of the Saucony River and forestry.

Kelly Spiller