The Screaming Croc-Ape (SKREE-ming Krok-Āpe) is a creature that roams the swamps of the southern states of the United States of America, most commonly the Croc-Ape has been reportedly spotted or heard in the swamps of Florida, but few reports of similar noises in Alabama and Mississippi. The Croc-Ape has a bone-chilling scream that can be described by reports as nails scratching a chalkboard, with a howler monkey howl, ending with what could be described as a woman laughing hysterically.  There have been numerous reports dating back to the late 1700s of these sounds ranging from as far south as southern Florida, to as far north as Tennessee.


 While there have been countless reports of these noises very few people have actually seen this creature.  Early 1700 tales tell that this monster has the body of an ape with the snout of a dragon, with piercing red eyes that if looked at directly could possess a human being to kidnap the children of the town and take them to its den.  While these


 More recent eye-witness accounts describe this creature very similar to that of the 1700s tale, a large hairy dark colored creature with the body of an ape and the face of a crocodile. It is roughly the size of a regular ape which on standing on two feet is roughly five feet tall. Eye-witnesses claim to have seen the croc-ape jumping from tree to tree, howling its unique call. While no one has yet to capture the elusive creature on film, those who have seen it and heard it have no doubt that this is the famous yet elusive Screaming Croc-Ape.

David Espinal