Scyko is a seemingly endless serpentine beast shrouded with lucid scales. His body shimmers with kaleidoscopic colors that change constantly from azure to silver. With its translucent effect, the wings are seen to be small because of its ethereal effect, hiding their sheer size. When expanded, this leviathan stretches to roughly half an acre. Its head is sleek with amber piercing eyes mesmerizing all those who may come in contact. Those who have fallen to his alluring gaze forget how they discovered the beast, but are left with a resounding hypnotic melody. His maw expands with every breath it takes, exhaling a frigid gale.

This dragon-like beast has been praised by Asian religions and found in various pieces of literature. Certain cultures have praised Scyko as a god or a celestial creature. Those who are born on a day of his sighting will bring good fortune and prosperity to their family. The quest to locate this enchanting serpent has stumped generations of researchers for millennia. Only until recently has he been found hibernating in various caves around Mauna Kea, Hawaii. There have been rare occasions where certain individuals have found scales of Scyko near the mountain. In attempts to better understand this creature, recent studies have confirmed that the scale is more adamant than any diamond, or substance known to man. It has been recorded that once every seven years this beast can be seen flying over the Pacific Ocean; a glimmer of its splendor can be caught flying across the empty night sky towards a crimson moon.

Austin Guanzon