Seamaids are half -human sea creatures; they have the upper body of a human and the bottom half as a fish. seamaids are rumored to have first appeared in the ancient Mesopotamian kingdom of Assyria. Although most sightings have only been of the seamaids there are also knows to be seaman. In their culture men stay home, cook and clean, while the females are in charge of hunting and gathering. Although they are a astonishing creature they are super dangerous. There has been seven reported occasions where humans have been attacked by seamaids. They are very violent and when they are provoked they fiercely attack. Similar to a shark, seamaids are known to have very sharp teeth almost like fangs and nails as sharps as knives. Because seamaids are highly active they require a large amount of calories. The seamaid’s diet consists of large predators sea animals for example, whales, octopus, sharks and dolphins. Since seamaids are small in size they must trick their prey. Seamaids are known as great singers and dancers. They attract prey by singing. When other creatures hear the seamaids beautiful voice they follow, once the seamaids bring the creatures close enough they attack. Seamaids are notorious for having a lot of children. Like turtles they lay their eggs around 200 eggs. Once they are nested the seaman is now in charge of raising the Seababies. Seamaids have a life span of about 20- 30 years in the wild similar to their ancestors the sharks. One of the weaknesses of the seamaid is their long hair it often gets trapped in the nooks and crannies of the ocean. Once they are trapped it is hard to get out and they are eaten alive by their predators. Next you time you see a seamaid be careful.

Daisy Castro