The Search for Serenity is located on the beautiful pure white beaches of Serenada, Virgin Islands. The tale of the Search for Serenity is universally known due to the almighty Gods and exquisite Godesses that are introduced to the world after successfully completing the search. One is said to be enticed by this mission due to their ever lusting desire for a lifetime of happiness and clarity. This search for serenity has four different levels you must go through in order to shed yourself of the past you wish to erase from history as well as your life. The first level you must go through occurs on public transportation, which you must take to the airport. While traveling and reminiscing, you must make a list of the ten things that make you the most unhappy, and ask the universe to release them. The next level occurs at the airport, while you are traveling by plane you must ask the universe to forgive you of all your sins. The third level occurs while walking from the airport to your destination of Serenada. You must make a list of all your desires and goals in life, and promise yourself you will do all it takes to accomplish them. Lastly, the fourth level occurs on the white sand beaches with temperatures up to 85 degrees, tropical birds singing songs, and no one but you and the ocean ahead. On this last level, you must promise yourself you will withhold all of these levels of the search in your life and your heart, and remind yourself of this beautiful place and all the promises you made, while swimming into the ocean 100 long and peaceful yards, where it will lead you to the promise land of wisdom, happiness, and peace. From there on, the Master God and Goddess will evaluate you and all of your promises, further your tests and see if you have passed. Once you pass, you will become a future God or Goddess for all the world to admire, and you will live forever in serenity.Edit

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