In the year 3080 where technology is highly advanced, lives a small device that allows a person to alter the way someone perceives them.

The device in question is small and undetectable unless taken off by the wearer. The device is a small set of contact lens called “See Beyond Sight” that lets you customize “your” physical attributes. For example, born a redhead but you long to be blonde? These contacts will allow you the options of changing your hair color, length, eyes, weight, body frame, etc.

Although it is available to everyone, only the elite are able to afford these lenses as they go for $37,500.

These contacts run on a very sophisticated network; the only tools needed to make these contacts run is the contacts themselves. Once the contacts have been applied, you will be able to see a menu content through the lenses. Using hand gestures, you can scroll, apply, and delete changes you've made. Just stand in front of a mirror and start your physical customization.

Once complete, hit “save and upload”. From there it saves onto the “See beyond Sight” database where anyone who owns and wears the contacts will be able to see your new you.

These contacts have become the new rage ruling out and putting an end to plastic surgery. Although they can be costly, most prefer this method over surgery as it is not only painless and quick, but that it's not a permanent procedure. The individual is free to change their entire look whenever they want.

A great concept as it is, it makes one wonder…

In a world where your hairstyle is changed by the wave of your hand, how do you live with the idea that others like you not for you, but for the made up version that you painted for yourself?