Self Tying Shoes are efficient shoes that were featured in the movie Back To the Future II. Once someone slips the shoes on, the laces will tighten to fit on your feet. You can adjust these settings with a remote control that comes with the shoes. Over a trillion pairs of self tying shoes have been sold since they were released. The shoes cost twenty dollars.

The shoes are sponsored by Nike and come in many styles. They were created by the shoe maker named Nike in 1985. Nike came up with the concept one day when he stepped in a puddle while he was running and his shoe laces came untied. He wanted to create a water proof, lightweight, and efficient shoe, so he went to his garage and created the self tying shoe. They are made completely out of duct tape which makes them water resistant. The shoes also weigh half a pound. There are electrolytes in every shoe that activate by using the remote control. The electrolytes work to lace the shoe to your foot.

Athletes like LeBron James and Stephen Curry wear these shoes during basketball games. The stickiness from the duct tape provides the shoes with traction on the basketball court. Not having to tie the shoes during the game helps keep from any delays. Every single basketball player is currently wearing the self tying shoes, so Nike has decided to create a version of the shoe for soccer. The studs will be made out of thumbtacks. Self Tying shoes will soon be available for all sports.