Alexander is an orphan, raised by adoptive parents in a secluded tribal village at the foot of a waterfall. Warned by his foster mother of the dangers beyond, he was confined to life in his village behind the waterfall. Captivated by a vision of ethereal beauty, his determination to see the world beyond intensifies. He embarks on the journey of a lifetime into the world beyond the hill. On his adventures, he encounters Jasmine, a fearless warrior princess exiled from her kingdom, now part of a tribe involved in guerrilla warfare; and inevitably falls in love with her. To win over Jasmine’s heart, and prove he is worthy of her, he follows her on her conquests far and wide. One of which takes him to the Kingdom of Serbia. While on a rescue mission, Alexander encounters the crown prince of Serbia, Louise, and the Commander-in-Chief of the army, Arthur - a great warrior and a confidant of the Serbian Royal Family. In an altercation, between Arthur and Alexander, the dark truth of his family and the injustice imparted to them is finally revealed. Alexander pursues a battle of epic magnitude against the tyrannical ruler of Serbia, to restore to them their true King.