Do you ever want to listen to your music in class without your teacher ever noticing? Are you ever a victim of having to listen to another one of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s account of their daily life? Then Serenity® is the product for you! The world’s first in ear music player that camouflages to the color of your ear.

Serenity is a hands-free device that the listener places in his or her ear and activates the music with eye control. This one-and-only-of-a-kind feature allow the user's to turn the volume up by looking up, turn the volume down by looking down, looking right to change the song, and looking left to play the previous song. Once he or she places this device in his or her ear, the ear plug shape of Serenity camouflages to the user's skin tone, and harmlessly attaches to the user's nervous system; thus activating eye control.

Serenity is capable of blocking out an astonishing 140 decibels of sound due to its patented soft internal foam structure and size. After 21 extensive years of scientific and historical researching of audio capabilities, Serenity is proud to announce that this world-changing device is proficient enough to even store up to 300 gigabytes of music. This device is chargeable via USB and also uploaded via USB to any PC or MAC computer.

If everything Serenity has to offer is not convincing enough to you yet, then the ten-hour USB chargeable battery shall be the icing on the cake. The retail price of Serenity is $499.99, selling at all major retailers including Best Buy, Target, Sears, and more on September 3, 2014. So remember, if you are the victim of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s daily stories or you are a student trying to block out your annoying teacher’s, then Serenity is made for you.

Leonardo Hutton