Captain Zapp Brannigan is first known sufferer of Sexlexia.

Sexlexia is a "very sexy learning disability" that impairs a person's ability to remember facts in a relationship. Sexlexia impairs the recollection and accuracy of remembering anniversary dates, birthdays, and other key dates. It is believed that sexlexia affects 50% of the human population, though less than .01% knows of their disability.

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of sexlexia vary from recollection and accuracy of memory, particularly those dealing with relationships. Sexlexia is most noticeable in mature adults, it is most prevalent in Americans. Symptoms include:

· Slow recollection of instructions

· Very poor name recognition

· Difficulty paying attention during boring discussions

· Difficulty managing time between self on other activities

· Difficulty noticing subtle physical differences (hair, clothes, makeup)

· Difficulty remembering dates (anniversaries, birthdays, piano recitals)

Symptoms of sexlexia can appear as early as mid-teens, but usually appear in the mid-twenties. Most doctors believe that sexlexia appears around this time due to the physical and hormonal changes from puberty. Though sexlexia surfaces in mid-teens and early twenties, many people do not recognize the symptoms and do not get tested.

Testing and diagnosis

Testing for sexlexia isn’t standardized, but the most common methods are:

· Personality tests to gauge relationship types

· Detailed analysis of a subject’s relationship history

· Observation of subjects with significant other

The most common method of testing and diagnosis is for a psychologist or other relationship specialist to interview a subject to gauge the flaws and shortcomings of past relationships.


Sexlexia is a learning disability and cannot be cured through surgery or traditional pill treatment. The only way to treat it is to first know that one is sexlexic. The next step is to work slowly on the issues of attention. Doctors also recommend playing memory games to improve short and long term memory, to aid in fact and date recollection.

Famous People affected


· Captain Zapp Brannigan (military): First known person afflicted. It was revealed in the famous space documentary, Futurama.


· Cast of Jersey Shore

· Most Hollywood actors

· Paris Hilton

· Musicians

· Politicians

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