Shakespeare’s Force Shield is a rumored meteorological invention of a force shield that can prevent direct hit of hurricane towards the South eastern U.S.A. Although NWS did not announce any detail upon the shield, several meteorologists estimate the shield was being applied since 2009. Some of the meteorologists suggest that the National Weather Service may learn the painful lesson of 2005 Hurricane Katrina, and co-operate the project with NASA. The whole project is rumored $89 billion since NASA has to make use of their artificial satellites for weather detecting.

Information about the shield is veiled by the officials, but scientists analyze that gravity may be the core. It was said that once the device detect any symptom of hurricane through the satellites, it would soon generate gravity forces that trigger a series of meteorological phenomenon, such as changes in temperature, wind, current, and humidity, in order to hinder the hurricane’s development.

The name of “Shakespeare’s Force Shield” was named after Jeremy C. Shakespeare, who discovers such shield when he was doing meteorological research upon the relationship of ocean and space in Miami.

The force shield does not have huge contribution in fact. It is said that using gravity to affect weather change is inefficient as it does not bring any direct obstacle in the hurricane development. Some scientists recommend further investment upon the technology due to its practical prevention power for future hurricanes, meteorologists refer the investment with the loss of Hurricane Katrina “Spending $89 Billion to prevent another $812 Billion Loss.”