Shambhala is known to be a place of peace and happiness. Today this immortal city is called Shangri-la. It is known to be an immortal lost city in ancient Tibetan. Buddhists believe in the legend of this city that it is  “pure land” and a “place of tranquility and peace.” There are many myths and legends that Shambhala was once a real city, which is now hidden beneath the Himalayan mountain valley waiting to emerge. Rumors say that no one has been able to pinpoint the physicality of Shambhala on a map, as it is said to be hidden. Believers state that it is located between this world and to the one beyond it. Buddhist believes that Shambhala can only be reached by though with adequate spiritual preparation. Shambala is also said to be the safeguard of the Kalachakra, which is the Wheel of time and one of the highest branches of Tibetan mysticism and Buddhim’s teachings.

There are many legends that say the King of Shambala traveled to India to meet Buddha and learn his teachings, which he took back and Shambala and preserved them. Legend has it that only people with a pure heart can live in Shambala and enjoy its each perfect happiness. It has been said that one that makes it to Shambhala will never suffer, desire or age, and will only live with love and wisdom. While people have gone searching for Shambhala for centuries, it has been said they never return.  Rumors say that those who go seek the kingdom either find it and remain there or they are destroyed in the search of it.

Poonam Gahunia