Shamo Usse (born Shamo Donaldson; August 23, 1980) is a Canadian professional hockey player currently playing for the Saskatoon Antlers in the Moose Leagues of Ontario. Prior to his hockey playing career, Shamo worked as a cosmetologist under the tutelage of famed cosmetologist, Stephen Hawking II. 

Early LifeEdit

Shamo played for the Toronto Sauerkrauts of the Eastern Beer League during the 1999-2000 season. However, he scored only 3 goals in 30 games, and was released from the team following the season.

Shamo then entered a cosmetology college as training for ice hockey where he was quoted:

"The reason why I did not do well playing hockey was because my hair was not stylish enough. All of my teammates and peers had great beards and long wavy hair and all of them have scored 30 or more goals. This is why I am studying cosmetology; to become a better hockey player."

Following graduation from cosmetology college in 2008, Shamo legally changed his last name to Usse.


In 2009, Shamo Usse was drafted by the Saskatoon Antlers with the 255th and final pick of the 2009 MLO Draft.

During his rookie season, Shamo Usse stayed on the bench until he became a starting player after All-Star Dirty Hairy was injured following a concussion. Shamo played 8 games and had 0 goals and 1 assist.

In his following season, Shamo started playing center on the second line with line mates Harcond Shinner and Blod Ryder. Shamo played the entire season and scored 29 goals and 58 assists.


Following his 2010 season where he scored 29 goals, Shamo was approached by Head and Shoulders to become a spokesperson alongside Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburg Steelers for their "Stars with Great Hair" campaign. Shamo declined the offer, stating that Head and Shoulders would do damage to his hair.

Fun FactsEdit

Shamo does not use mousse to style his hair. He uses gel.