In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Ryan Gosling has admit to being able to shape shift into different human forms, including those of the opposite sex. When prompted to spill his secret to avoiding being photographed in public, Ryan Gosling opened up about his “rare skill” and even demonstrated his abilities mid-interview by transforming in a matter of seconds into his partner, Eva Mendes.

Shape shifting has long been believed to be a myth, but continued to crop up in works of writing as far back as 200 AD. Many used to believe shape shifting was the work of a demon or dark spirit meant to lure others into dangerous and/or deadly situations. As time progressed, it was seen as the work of witchcraft, procured after the offering of one’s soul to the devil. Most recently, many substantial articles have been published not only recognizing the ability as a reality, but suggesting it is much more common than the average person has been led to believe. With the video footage of Gosling’s transformation to back up his claims, scientists around the world have studied the footage and many have come forward confirming its authenticity and a desire to further investigate how this “physical phenomenon” is possible. 

Caitlin Bartlett

ID#: 011251240