Sharicova, an island located 600 miles south of Russia on the Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1940 by a Russian explorer named Lubo Sharicova. Lubo sharicova founded this island but refused to explore it for an unknown reason. This island of 650 kilometers in diameter is known for having unique creatures and a unique landscape. This is Desert Island. Humans have never lived here although all the necessary living resources are available. Sharicova poses a rough terrain with volcanic activity laying underneath its surface. Volcanologist say that this small island has enough lave to create a city the size of New York. Although this island has no human life it is highly populated with this ape looking animal with a human face. These creatures communicate efficiently, however the language is yet to be understood. Dr. Albert Einstein worked on deciphering this language for many years but was not able to find any understanding. In fact he can’t find a common language. Dr. Einstein said, “This is incredible, this is no dialect, and this isn’t from any tribe.” This creatures, who have yet to be given a name, are a lot like humans. They are social beings. They share food and even work together in tasks like gathering food. The men build shelters daily and the women gather berries, fruit and fish from the stream. Another similarities they have to humans is what seems to be an act of religion. But it is no church they go to. They go to the center of Sharicova to a mystical tree the size of the Eiffel tower. Every day the entire population sit around the tree in a triangular form. They speak to the tree and the tree replies. Studies have yet to know the meaning of this but the tree is believed to be their protector.